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Barker Bakes Flowerpaste

       Barker Bakes Flowerpaste  Barker Bakes Flowerpaste

This was developed in 2003-2004 after Palo Barker, the company’s founder, realised that the flowerpastes available at that time were not suiited to her requirements.

She needed a paste that was easy to manipulate but would set hard, would produce a finished product that was both fine and delicate, but strong enough to roll paper thin for translucent petals to produce sugar flowers for wedding cakes and competitions.



This cake has sugar roses made from the gold gelatine free flowerpaste, finished by handpainting the fnished roses and leaves. The drapes hanging over the sides are also made with a mixture of Barker Bakes flowerpaste and Barker Bakes modelling paste    


A selection of cake decorations – cutter flowers, wired and unwired sugar flowers, other pieces all made with Barker Bakes flowerpaste.


 As they say, necessity is the mother of invention and so she made her own flowerpaste and used that subsequently for all Barker Bakes cakes.

Where modelling paste was required for a project she adapted existing methods and recipes to come up with her own and that too became the staple modelling paste to use at Barker Bakes.

The original recipe has been updated in the past 9 months to be more commercial, the original paste shelf life was only one month, but it is now 3 months and we are working on improving on that in the future. For this reason we sell it in 3 different sizes – unlike other flowerpastes on the market.

We also offer 41 colours currently, and a gelatine free version, to offer a combination that no other seller currently provides.

Our paste uses a premium ingredient gum tragacanth for superior stretch and handling qualities, and we use gelatine or agar for strength – which makes an unbeatable combiination, that few other sellers provide, in fact we know of no supplier who offers a gum tragacanth flowerpaste in non-gelatine versions.

Cheaper flowerpastes use CMC – a manmade ingredient, which is frequently sold as a gum tragacanth subsititute – which it is after a fashion, or something else altogether.

Barker Bakes flowerpaste and/or modelling paste has been used in finishing the majority of cakes on this website, so you can see many examples of sugar flowers – lifesize and realistic, shoes (again lifesize), sugar pearls, drapes, people, dominoes, bear glasses etc. all of which you can make at home (with a little time, effort and practice).

Blue hydrangea wired sugar flower made from Barker Bakes white regular flowerpaste, finished by painting.