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Flowerpaste FAQs – Barker Bakes

Flowerpaste FAQs

Barker Bakes Flowerpaste FAQs

Is your flowerpaste vegetarian?

No, it contains egg white (as do all flowerpastes), and our regular flowerpaste also contains gelatine, but we do offer a gelatine free version. However we recommend the gelatine version for superior performance and taste qualities.

Can I store the flowerpaste with my other branded flowerpaste?

We recommend that our flowerpaste is only stored in the fridge. Our new packaging (foil bags) provides better keeping qualities and allows storage at cool/ambient temperatures prior to opening although we recommend refridgeration to ensure temperature stability. Avoid temperature fluctuations. If paste has separated during storage, dust hands with cornflour (if rerquired) and knead thoroughly prior to use. Once open always store in the fridge (double-wrapped with clingfilm and in a sealed container) which will help prolong its working life considerably (we have kept paste up to 6 months).

Are you colours the same as other brands?

No, our colours are our own interpretation so cannot be assumed to be the same shades or descriptions as other branded flowerpastes.

Are there E numbers in your colours?

Yes, each pack lists the relevant ones, only the white has no added colour. The following are used in some colours, and may have an adverse affect on activity and attention in children,

  • Sunset Yellow FCF E110
  • Quinoline Yellow E104
  • Carmoisine E122
  • Allura Red E129
  • Tartrazine E102
  • Ponceau 4R E124
We use tartrazine free colours whenever we can, e.g. our yellow which is a strong vibrant yellow contains tartrazine but the lemon yellow does not but is not so strong a shade of yellow.
Where you have specific concerns what we do for our cake customers is either to use white and airbrush the required colour (thereby using a minimal amount of colouring) or we use a white layer underneath and the colour on top (using the same amount of paste in total), again this reduces the amount of the coloured paste used. Or failing that just use white.

Is flowerpaste the same as modelling paste?

No, flowerpaste has a shorter working time and is more difficult for beginners to use effectively and efficiently, but produces a more fine flower and realistic end item. It is the paste to use for wired sugar flowers and items that require more strength (can be rolled out much more thinly, and worked more finely than modelling paste.)

Is it better to use flowerpaste or modelling paste?
That depends on the project, and it may be that you require both sorts of paste for one project as they have different properties. If in doubt email or call and we will advise.
I hear that you do a bespoke colour to order, is that true? 
Yes, please call or email if you require this service.
Why is flowerpaste so much more expensive than icing?
Our flowerpaste is made using an ingredient called gum tragacanth (a natural product), which is very expensive. This is part of why our flowerpaste is so good to use, it provides superior stretch and handling properties over the cheaper versions of flowerpaste made with CMC (a man-made product). Regular icing is does not include either product and cannot therefore be used in the same way flowerpaste can, it produces very heavy flowers (in comparison)  and a much more coarse look.
What are batch variances?
We make our flowerpaste every day/week and in small batches so unless you order at the same time from the same batch you may find shade differences occur even between the same colour, so try to order enough for your task especially if it is critical. Some colours are always more problematic than others. However because flowers are finished by dusting with food dust colours these minor differences can frequently be lost by the dusting and steaming process is completed. Also more realistic effects are gained by shade differences, especially for flowers, as the same tone can produce a flat unvarying tone that can look artificial.
How long do sugar flowers or items last, can I make them in advance?
Yes, you can, once sugar flowers are made up you can keep them for years, (clearly they should not be consumed then). Store in a cardboard box (not sealed) or in a display cabinet out of direct sunlight (which will cause colours to fade over time). Keep out of humid conditions, moisture will cause the sugar to soften. We generally make our wired lowers approx 1 month before they are required and unwired sugar flowers approx 1 week ahead, but you can make them much sooner than that.
How much paste do I need?
This depends very much on the project, how frugal you are in terms of rolling it out, keeping all cut-offs and how well you store the paste. We reckon for 3 medium to large wired sugar bouquets for a 3 tier wedding cake we probably use approx 400g-500g, but you may use very much less or more depending on which flowers you make and how thinly your roll out the paste and how large your flowers are. A large sugar shoe, such as on our shoe cakes, we use approx 500g.
What is the complete list of colours that you offer?
We currently offer the following:
  1. White or Natural White (same thing)
  2. Super White
  3. Ivory
  4. Cream
  5. Silver/Grey
  6. Gold
  7. Amber Gold
  8. Lemon Yellow
  9. Yellow
  10. Lime Yellow
  11. Orange
  12. Light Green
  13. Moss Green
  14. Green
  15. Grass Green
  16. Bone/Flesh
  17. Pink Blush
  18. Peach
  19. Pink
  20. Shocking Pink
  21. Fuschia Pink
  22. Dusky Pink
  23. Red
  24. Ruby Red
  25. Burgundy
  26. Lilac
  27. Purple
  28. Deep Purple
  29. Eucalyptus Blue
  30. Baby Blue
  31. Sky Blue
  32. Turquoise
  33. Teal
  34. Navy Blue
  35. Light Brown/Tan
  36. Brown
  37. Black
We are always working on creating different colours also.  
Current Colour Chart
Adjusting the paste for individual preferences.
If you find the paste is too firm, either warm it gently in the microwave, or add extra egg white (fresh), just a tiny amount.
If you find the paste too slack, add icing sugar, again only a small amount at a time. 
Customer Service
If you have any problems with our paste please call us (Barker Bakes 0121 311 1624) and we will be happy to assist you.
Our full range can only be bought exclusively on Amazon and not direct from us.
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