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wedding cake with Barker Bakes pearl cake topper

Love Forever Cake Instructions

You Will Need


4 ½ lbs Barker Bakes SugaPaste Ivory

8” Heart Cake buttercream coated ready for icing

10” Heart Cake as above

Trex/white vegetable fat


100g Barker Bakes Ruby Red Flowerpaste

100g Barker Bakes Amber Gold Flowerpaste

Barker Bakes Edi-Goo

Squires Metallic Lustre Classic Gold

Royal icing

2 metres double faced satin 16mm Barker Bakes Cherry Ribbon

2 metres Double sided sellotape

Barker Bakes Red Crystal Hearts Cake Topper or

1 Barker Bakes Dark Red Crystal Topper and 1 Barker Bakes Red Pearl Topper 8mm

Kitchen Paper or foil for support


Tools and Equipment

Wilton 7 set Heart Cutters

FMM 3 Set Heart Cutters

Flexible Ruler

Non-stick rolling pin and board

Former for entwined hearts

Support for entwined hearts




Ice cakes with Barker Bakes Sugapaste and leave overnight.

Tip: Ensure icing is warm and pliable prior to rolling out and use smoothers for a perfect finish.

Cut out 18 hearts from Ruby flowerpaste using the largest FMM heart. Cut out the centres using the smallest cutter from the set. Leave to dry on cutting mat for approx. 1 hour.

Apply Edi-Goo to the underside of a heart, just a few small dabs. Attach to cake starting from the front of the cake and work outwards.

Tip: Dark colours will stain so line up the hearts carefully before applying to cake, a flexible rule is useful here. Make sure you don’t apply glue to the edges of the hearts so you can tweak them a little if you necessary.

Attach 4 hearts to each side of the top cake and 5 to the bottom cake.

Attach double sided sellotape to the boards starting from the back. Cut and use the backing removed to measure ribbon required, cut and attach.

Entwined Hearts

Roll out about half the Amber Gold paste, and cut heart from largest Wilton cutter. Remove centre with 3rd largest Wilton cutter. Trim a small amount off the bottom of the heart. Cut another heart similarly. Place in former (right side down so hearts curve outwards) to dry overnight.

Cut out another heart using the 2nd largest Wilton heart cutter for the base and leave to dry.

Airbrush all hearts with gold shimmer if wished, we have shown 2 versions – left matt ( red hearts topper) and dusted with gold dust (pearls and crystal bicones topper).

Position cut out hearts entwined together so they curve backwoods on heart base. Attach with royal icing. Place a pepperpot or similar height object behind and insert a folded piece of kitchen paper or foil to hold in position over-night.

Crystal Topper

Make a hole in the centre of the cake, the flexible ruler will help prior to inserting topper and bend stems as you like, working from the bead tip for a smooth curve.


Barker Bakes crystal topper with pearls2

Barker Bakes love forever cake with heart crystal topper