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Flowerpaste Instructions

Flowerpaste Instructions

How to Use Barker Bakes Flowerpaste


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Knead the flowerpaste into a smooth round ball.
Break off the amount of flowerpaste you wish to use  cover the rest with cling film.
Knead the amount of flowerpaste you require into a small ball.
Use cornflour (sparingly as it dries the paste out and liberal use will cause your petals to crack) to dust the board or use a thin smear of white fat (again sparingly) (this causes the paste to stick to the board).
Roll in one direction repeatedly to ensure no folds or creases occur.
Lift and move the paste frequently to ensure it does not stick and crease.
When you have the desired thickness cut out items required.
Always keep your paste covered with a flexi-mat as you work on individual pieces and paste being used tightly wrapped and sealed or kept in a reseable food bag until use.
If your paste hardens in storage, or incorrect use, smear white fat on your hands and if it softens on contact it can be slowly worked and will soften with kneading and is still useable. If it is does not soften and remains hard and cracks then cut off the outer layer with a sharp knife and inside should still be useable ( if it is still soft).
Top Tips
Adjust the consistency of the paste to suit by adding egg white to soften or icing sugar to firm up.
Always knead paste well prior and after use.
Correct storage will considerably enhance its keeping qualities (to several months) and poor storage will render it unusable within minutes/hours.
Rolling thinly will extend coverage and use of paste.