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About Barker Bakes


Barker Bakes has been trading for over 8 years and with over 30 years of baking experience has earned the title of wedding cake experts. Their unique and flamboyant designs deliver centre-pieces that add the wow factor to any special occasion. This is a business that bakes from the heart so you are always getting a bespoke piece that captures your wishes whilst sticking within a realistic budget. It is all about attention to detail, they want you to get up close and personal to their masterpieces, because only then will you see the skill and the flare that makes them what they are.

Palo Barker launched the business after a health scare forced her to change her career and adapt her very driven/workaholic nature. Instead of dwelling on what had been she chose a profession that she had been nurturing her entire life. One that made her feel alive, driven and determined once more. From the age of 10 Palo has had an eye for detail and a talent for creating unique baking. Her passion for baking and creating breath-taking cakes provides moments of joy, pride and achievement that keep her driving on towards the next challenge. 

So, baking is not just a business at Barker Bakes it is practically a way of life. There are 36 cake flavours to choose from which are tried, tested and improved upon on a regular basis. Someone has a very cushy job in making sure the cakes are as tasty as they can be. Your cake will be fresh, it will be mixed especially – they do not do pre-mix recipes – and it will all be hand crafted, hand baked, and hand finished.

For your wedding your creation will be as special as the occasion that surrounds it because these are not manufactured clones – they are a symbol of your tastes and choices. Palo is proud of the hard work that goes into this business and even prouder of the praise she receives from happy customers. She has worked hard to create a thriving business and is excited about its future.

The team at Barker Bakes work hard to deliver something personal and exceptional because Palo relishes the opportunity to add a little more sparkle into the world. Her ambition has never let up and her decision to plunge head first into baking was both risky and brilliant in equal measure. You wouldn’t know that Barker Bakes was any different to any other business and in many ways it is not. Palo just loves to bake and every cake is her signature on the world and a beautiful statement to the fact that she is happy to share her talents and bring a little magic into people’s special moments.

Barker Bakes is now family run, providing friendly and personal service to a high standard. Current Birmingham City Council hygiene and compliance rating.