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Today’s flowerpaste query

We had a query from a customer today asking if they really needed to heat the paste in a microwave before using, so I will explain here for everyone’s benefit why we say that on the label.


Depending on how you have stored the paste, fridge or cold place as recommended, it will be too hard to manipulate (not without a deal of effort – though that may not be the case so much for highly coloured paste e.g. black). So to make life a bit easier we have found that short blasts in the microwave make it much softer and easier to handle.

It will also depend on how strong your hands are, some people don’t have much strength in their hands, either through varous medical conditions or age, and may also be unsure how much pressure you can use with this product. Additionally if you naturally have warm hands, perhaps are younger you may find it fairly easy to use the paste with minimal effort.  

We have also found the ambient temperature makes a difference too, so if it is a warm room, it will be easier to handle than in a cold room.

So, many factors play a part in determining how best to use flowerpaste  and this also applies to modelling paste and sugarpaste, and a lot of it ends up being what each individual finds most comfortable at the end of the day.