Do you know anyone can pass themselves off as fabulous cake decorators these days without knowing anything about cooking or cake decorating?

  • If you want to impress your family, friends or work colleagues – maybe your boss, there are plenty of tools and consumables that will help you. Of course the downside is that cake decorating can be very expensive but the following are guaranteed to get you lots of compliments. All these are freely posted on the internet on facebook or forums so we are are not exposing any secrets!
  • Buy your sponge or fruitcake from a bakery or cake decorating supplies shop. These days you can buy virtually any size or shape sponge or fruitcake that you want. You may be more limited on flavours but the range is more than adequate for most people, you can even get fruitcakes already marzipanned!
  • If you haven’t had time to practice a perfect finish in icing a cake, just use a marzipan layer underneath for a sponge and it will immediately make your final iced finish a lot more smooth and impressive.
  • If a smooth finish is not necessary a rough finish with chocolate or royal icing can look very effective.
  • For decorations you can buy virtually anything – from finished sugar flowers, handmodelled characters, or cake bling – all make instant finishes.
  • If you are more adventorous, you can buy virtually any shaped dummy and ice so that people think it is cake!
  • Gravity cakes – with hidden support also work to impress – no they are not really suspended you just don’t see the support!

So there is no excuse now, you will be amazed how much you can do very quickly and little practice….